Launch Your Product

Focused on small/solo-operators, we help evaluate, develop, and promote your start-up's concept.

Legal Formation

Minimum Viable Products

Service Procedures & Hiring

Physical Product Prototyping Services

Contract Manufacturing, Private-Label, Production

Software/App Programming Services

Evaluating Product/Market-Fit

An example of currently active projects:


  • Procedures and market tests for a jam/canning start-up.
  • Subscription video streaming platform/app for children.
  • Robotic integration to automate a service process.
  • Customizations for a private-label solar product.
  • Procedures and market tests for an exterior cleaning service.
  • Injection molding for a children's toy line.
  • Contract manufacturing for a hook & loop product.
  • Private-label customizations & IP for an office furniture product.
  • ...and more.

Contact us with your idea and let's see how we can help!

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